How do I manage the Portfolio Plan settings?


This article explains how to manage the settings for the Portfolios page in OnePlan.

Go to the Admin pages, select Portfolio Plan in the navigation.


Expand the Costs topic heading.

Enable Pivot - Select the check box to enable/show the Pivot Table option.

Cost Types - all the cost types for Financial Plan & Resource Plan settings show.  To manage the cost types, go to the Financial Plan and/or Resource Plan settings pages.


Select the Quarter 1 Start Month.  1 = January, 4 = April, 7 = July, 10 = October.  This is applicable if your "year" begins at a different time than January 1, for example.  When the zoom is set to Quarters, Q1 will be based on the Q1 Start Month setting.

Additional Options

Expand the Additional Options topic heading.  

In the Portfolios module, the Gantt bars can be moved for what-if scenarios.  If needed, a rule can be set for locking the bars, meaning they can't be moved.

  • Lock Plan Field - select the plan-level field to lock
  • Locked Plan Value - Enter the field value for when the bars should be locked (unmovable)

Pre Filters - select one or multiple fields to pre filter the portfolio of plans.  This is helpful if there are a significant number of plans.  Users will need to make a selection for the pre filters before the plans will load.

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